organic landscape design-build-maintain, Organic fertilization in The Woodlands, lighting, irrigation: Done the right way, organically!

  • We create a healthy landscape foundation through organics and healthy live soil.
  • We build a beautiful landscape with plants in their proper places.
  • We highlight that landscape with hardscapes,  pathways and water features.
  • We sustain the landscape with proper irrigation/drainage and a custom designed Organic Fertilization Program.
  • We complete your landscape with a properly designed Landscape Lighting System.
  • A sustainable, healthy landscape that adds value, beauty and security to your home or business; it's what we do.


We love nature

Trees, flowers, insects, sunsets, soils etc. are all so important to work with and to take into account.  Having them all in your landscape is good, necessary and a sign of a healthy ecosystem.  Knowing what can harm these important parts during the construction of a landscape design is paramount!  Trees that are damaged/killed during a landscape build may not show any problems for several years.  Seeing no earthworms in your soil is a bad sign.  We can fix that.

Ask yourself this, does your current landscape company have knowledge of; soil, water, drainage, sunlight, insects, plants, hardscapes and know how they interconnect to create a sustainable healthy living landscape?  Dream Away Outdoor Designs does.  A lifetime of experience goes along way in designing and building that perfect backyard vacation spot.  Invest in your greatest asset, your health, your family and your home and contact when you're ready to take that first important step.


dream away outdoor designs

We unwittingly started in the "Green Industry" as a youngster mowing yards in the 70's for extra money to buy hot wheels and such. Mowing yards after school sometimes to have free weekends for football, the zoo etc. began the education in the "green industry" and landscape/turf management. Another added advantage was running around the woods of East Texas as a youngster and watching the forest life and how it breathed and healed itself over time without any help from mans chemicals. In college, to make extra money, mowing was taken up again which led to minor landscaping and other odd jobs. After college the outdoors was calling again and I obtained an irrigation license from the state of Texas in 1996. Officially starting the business with the intention of only doing irrigation, the right way. But very quickly landscape design, build, maintain started.  [It started because as a sub for larger established landscape companies and having my name attached to the job by default as the licensed irrigator on site, it became evident quickly that they were taking short cuts - WE DO NOT.]  While irrigation is a bit of an art form because it has to be done right or the problems get compounded and very few actually know &/or do it right, designing to each unique landscape & micro-climates takes horticultural knowledge.  Listening and asking "the experts" advice over the years to create, fix, repair issues in the landscape; I quickly learned that most solutions/ideas were not working.  In 2004 after working for nearly a year on a struggling lawn, I sent soil samples to Texas A&M. The soil report came back and it basically stated that below the grass was barren and lifeless.  It was at that time that I remembered Mother Nature and went Organic.  Since then through trial, error, education and meeting some very smart individuals; I've seen the true power of organics and how to put them to use. With proper techniques and materials, everyone can have a healthy, green, disease resistant landscape year round that actually needs less water. Dream Away Outdoor Designs is one of a very few Organic Landscape companies in the green industry that has the knowledge, experience and ability to create a sustainable living landscape that breaths beauty and heals itself. We do not, nor will not take short cuts to get or finish a project. This truly sets us apart. Our standards are high but our finished projects are a true work of art embraced by Mother Nature and our clients. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder but true health is dictated by Mother Nature.  Work with her and she'll actually take care of the rest.  Know how to read the signs when she will tell you. Give her what she needs and a healthy sustainable landscape she'll give you in return and a happy client.  Dream Away Outdoor Designs can create the personal custom landscape that fits you and your environment.