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Columbine Flower

Cardinal Flower

Bird Friendly Landscapes; Equal a Healthy Landscape.

Attracting birds to your landscape is more than throwing out a feeder and birdbath. 

You must take into account; wild bird’s basic needs, including food, shelter, water and

nesting sites.

Native Plants:

These are the best plants to use to attract local birds, as the birds are familiar with

them.  Organic Native Landscaping uses regional trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses,

and those are the same plants that birds recognize as rich food sources and

appropriate shelter. Exotic plants might be beautiful and some are invasive but if the

birds do not the like plants they will move on.

Landscaping with native plants is also beneficial because those plants are adapted to

the local climate. They will require less water and generally lower maintenance to stay

beautiful and healthy.  Native plants will work with your soil, not against it.  Plus we

make plant selections to attract birds and beneficial insects.  These birds and insects

will weed out the pest insects making for a healthy vibrant landscape.

Water Features:

These are just as important as the food, I’ll argue even more so.  Without water features (running water is better) birds that do stop by for food will move on quickly.  When building or upgrading an existing landscape we always try to include a water feature.  This is not only pleasant for you, the property owner but it attracts birds.  Running water does this better stays cleaner and prevents mosquitos from laying eggs.

Top 10 Hummingbird Flowers:*Note: The Woodlands is 8b/9a, Plant Hardiness Zone

1.  Bee Balm  Perennial: Zones 4-9

2.  Cardinal Flower  Perennial: Zones 2-9
3.  Zinnia  Annual
4.  Salvia  Perennial: Zones 4-11
5.  Bleeding Hearts  Perennial: Zones 2-9
6.  Butterfly Bush  Perennial: Zones 5-10
7.  Trumpet Creeper  Perennial: Zones 4-10
8.  Lupine  Perennial: Zones 9-10
9.  Columbine  Perennial: Zones 3-8
10.  Petunia  Annual

Other import aspects to creating a ‘bird friendly’ landscape are:

  • Layered vegetation
  • Plant diversity – think variety
  • Go Native
  • Dense planting
  • Use Organic fertilizers they will not harm birds
  • Choose seed bearing flowers
  • Never use pesticides you want bugs they are a rich food source.
  • Again, add water features, birdhouses, dust baths and Hummingbird feeders

All of this truly starts and ends with ‘Healthy Soil’. The total success and/or failure of your outdoor environment/landscaping is dependent on your soil.  Get your soil right and you can relax on your paver patio, mosquito free; while enjoying song birds and running water right on past sunset with your perfectly designed landscape lighting.