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Almost always over-looked

One of the most common mistakes made by landscapers and builders alike, is Drainage!

The slope of your land MUST be known and taken into account when designing any landscape/home build project.

Just because there is an eighteen inch difference in height from the back of your property to the front, does not mean the slope is correct. Different undulations from point A to B create ponds of standing water.  I like to call this the, "roller coaster effect" 

Proper piping and proper catch basins in conjunction with down spout connections can ALWAYS cure this problem.  But if this is done without a Transit Level, you just paid a whole lot of money for nothing.

Other drainage problems occur in POORLY designed beds.  Proper soil is key here in building a sustainable foundation for plants.  The right soil drains.  It still has to have an area to drain to too.  This is achieved by channeling and slope.  Many times the beautifully designed rock layouts are actually working drainage channels.

When creating a land design, you simply cannot skimp on the drainage aspect of it.  This is a very important part of your foundation. Do it right the first time or it will cost you later.