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A well designed, good operating Irrigation system is the life blood of a landscape.

Years ago a sprinkler system was considered a luxury item.  Not any longer, just about every new home built today in the The Woodlands/Houston area comes with an irrigation system.  Most HOA's demand a well maintained yard and an irrigation system is a must.  Unfortunately many many irrigation systems are NOT installed correctly and even less are ran or maintained correctly.

A good irrigation system starts with a knowledgeable licensed irrigator that cares!  And then uses that knowledge in the appropriate ways.  Knowing the area and items to irrigate are important.  But knowing the water source, its static psi and elevation are paramount to designing a properly working irrigation system.  Way too often, (can we say almost ALWAYS) there is still dirt covering a water meter when we go out to do an estimate.  You cannot design an irrigation system if you do not know the meter or pump size.  I've seen 5/8" meters in neighborhoods where all the others are 1" meters and vice versa.  It's an expensive mistake if done wrong or worse, if you the owner cannot get a hold of the individual that installed it when it's wrong and not working.  Hiring a licensed irrigator will take that problem out of the equation.  If there is ever a problem, at least they are licensed by the state and findable.

Just as in most all products, there are good products, not so good products and some that you shouldn't use.  We use the right products that work, after twenty plus years we know what works well and what does not.  I tell prospective clients way too very often; look for a license seal on your proposal, be sure that the irrigator is doing Head-to-Head spacing, center feeding your zones and using quality parts.  If they are and they are less expensive, go for it because I haven't found a way to do it better for less money.

Repairs and Consulting is what we have evolved into as far as irrigation is concerned.  Yes, we still do installs but they are almost always included in a landscape build now. 

What we do better than the rest is to REPAIR your malfunctioning irrigation system, CORRECTLY!  After twenty plus years in business and cutting our teeth on repairing irrigation systems, we've gotten pretty good and many even say, the BEST!

Our irrigation knowledge is mainly used in consulting, auditing and repairing today.

*Scheduling knowledge is crucial to proper irrigation.  This is the number one problem that we face as professional irrigators today.  A great irrigation system is only as good as its programed run times.  85% of the landscapes that we see are OVER WATERED!

Please do not hesitate to contact use via email to set up an appointment or ask a quick question on irrigation.

Irrigation is licensed in the state of Texas by the TCEQ:

P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX., 78711-3087