NATIVE AGED HARDWOOD: For years gardening experts have claimed

that this is the best mulch of all and now scientific research is backing them up.

"Aged Native" mulch is made from recycled fresh green tree and brush

material that was recently alive and comes directly from a grinding operation.

Recent research has found that mulches made from recycled native trees

are the highest quality available. Native mulch is produced from a mix of

native deciduous trees (primarily hardwoods) and brush with only a small

amount of bark. Native mulches have a high percentage of buds,

shoots, leaves, and cambium layers in them. These materials are rich in

protein and other nutrients, which is the reason deer, and other animals eat

them as a food source, hence, these native mulches are many times higher

in nutrients than barks. Native aged mulches encourage the biodiversity of

beneficial microbes and earthworms in the soil. They feed the plants

naturally as they decompose, and they help prevent plant and soil diseases.

Additionally, these mulches resist washing out and blowing much better

than bark mulches.

AGED 90 days(minimum): If the native mulch is composted first it is of even higher quality. The heat of the composting process kills any pathogens and weed seeds that might have been present. The composting process concentrates the nutrients contained in the raw material and stabilizes nitrogen in a form beneficial to plants. The composting process breaks down the cellulose contained in the raw material rendering it a less attractive home for termites and fire ants after it is applied, compared to bark or other woody mulches. The composting process turns the material a rich beautiful chocolate brown color.  Note; in Mother Nature the color ‘black’ does not exist.

AZALEA MULCH:  This mulch is specially blended to copy the natural mulch layer of native azaleas. This blend is made from leaf mold compost, composted native mulch and partially composted pine needles and leaves (shredded) to create a fibrous texture. This product is designed to create the conditions that azaleas require. The heat of the composting process kills any pathogens and weed seeds that might have been present and turns the mulch a rich dark brown color. The mulch quickly breaks down by microbial action to stable organic matter that helps the soil hold water and creates the organically enhanced cool moist root zone required by many plants. This mulch is GREAT for azaleas, hydrangeas, blueberries, camellias, daylilies, gardenias and other plants with similar needs.

At Dream Away Outdoor Designs, we only use MULCHfrom: Natures Way Resources

Just like we apply a compost topdressing on the turf to improve the soil and help the grass.  Adding Inoculants.  We apply only quality, aged hardwood mulch in the beds and ONLY from Natures Way Resources.  Certainly the compost is good too but the mulch lasts longer, gives the same benefits and is a better weed barrier.

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Mulch: all information credited to: Natures Way resources