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A healthy lawn starts with a great foundation!  That foundation is the soil.  If your soil is bad, all else will follow.  A good Organic fertilization program, a well designed irrigation system with a proper watering schedule and proper mowing practices will most assuredly give you the greenest healthiest yard on the block, unless your neighbor uses our program too!

Note: we've been in the "green industry" for 22 years professionally and longer from running through the forests.  St. Augustine grass MUST be cut properly to be its healthiest.  The blades on the mower MUST be sharp and resharpened often!  We recommend a MULCHING blade, sharpened regularly and cutting the grass three inches high.  That's 3" high when it's cut.  The above practices are PROVEN techniques for having a healthy, green, disease free yard that uses less water and actually can thrive with the current water restrictions imposed by our surrounding water purveyors.

Soil on chemicals gets compacted because there is little or no life giving organisms in the soil.  The plants root systems can not grow naturally and they become more and more dependent on chemical fertilizers.  The water cannot penetrate the soil making the plant even weaker and wasting precious water, all costing you more money.

Soil on a good Organic program is naturally aerated with life giving organisms.  Good soil with proper organic matter allows water to penetrate deeper thus prompting roots to thrive.  A good deep root watering program starts with healthy organic soil but is seriously  dependent on a properly designed irrigation system that has a proper watering scheduled programed in its controller.

TCEQ Licensed Irrigator # LI6683

Organics really will save you money!

  • Nature says, (or was it Murphy?) that which flows correctly will always be most economical.
  • Only Nature/Organics follows the laws of all the sciences.  Nature's chi is biology, chemistry and physics.  Good economics is good for your chi.
  • Mother Nature/Organics is all about giving all life forms proper nutrition.  Any organism when fed properly will have the BEST chance to develop a healthy/sustainable existence and will by default be sick LESS.  (Read that last sentence AGAIN). Being sick is costly to natures chi and your economics.
  • Go Organic and take all chemicals out of the equation, they are costly and dangerous.
  • ONLY organics can save you money and use less water.  Chemical programs never will.

Organics:  Organic Fertilization is really Soil Feeding.

Feed your Soil, Organically; there's really no other way to go for sustainability!

Help Nature heal herself by getting your lawn/landscape off of drugs/chemicals.

The initiative to have a healthy lawn can carry over to having a healthy you!

Spending a lifetime outdoors with nature and witnessing her actions is the best education out there.  Watching, listening, reading and doing are how life's best lessons are learned.  The term "Organic" can at times be a negative condescending term in certain circles, it shouldn't.  Organics is natural and the way it has always been, throughout history until recently.  By recently I mean in the 20th century when chemicals were discovered and touted as the greatest discovery for farms since the plow.  But we've learned in the last 100 years that mother nature knows best and if humans work with her, she will reward you.