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Healthy soil with regularly replenished organic matter makes for Healthy Grass.

To the left is a diagram of Healthy Soil.  Note, that the organic matter  should make up 5-8% in most of our Healthy Soil needs around here.

Below you can see how soil settles when performing a soil % test.  Note, the clay takes 24 hours to settle.

Soil Particle Scale:

Imagine that the "clay" particle is the size of a sheet of paper.

Think of this analogy; Organic matter in your soil is like gasoline in your cars gas tank.  Without gas in your cars tank it will no longer run.  Without organic matter in your soil your plants will not survive.  Your car uses gas and your plants use organic matter, both have to constantly be replenished.  You can start to see why we say that organic soil is your foundation.  None of the beautiful plants or well designed irrigation systems matter without healthy living soil.  No organic matter means your soil is dead, the rest of the environment will eventually follow regardless of how much you spend.

Water, Oxygen and Roots easily percolate and penetrate through living breathing soil.

When minerals and micro-organisms are introduced, soil becomes alive and supports a diversity of life, such as complex plants we have in our yards.

Organisms like nematodes and protozoa must be present.  Plants need their life giving bio-matter to live.  A good organic fertilization program will keep your soil full of life. 

Above is a picture of healthy living soil from

Natures Way Resources


What we really mean is, Organic Soil

Soil alone in its most basic form is clay, sand and silt; it is a barren dessert.  Without minerals and living organisms it cannot support much plant life.

Below is a diagram of basic soil.