Turf and Irrigation Consult and/or Audit

Typically a consultation and site walk through coupled with some soil plug samples will allow us to determine a management program for your lawn and/or landscape.

Sometimes an audit is necessary. 

For your LAWN we may have to send soil samples to Texas A&M to find out exactly what the problem is. Typically in our area getting healthy live organisms in your soil (regulary) with aeration and a bit of time will cure the soil woes. Then your plants are able get vibrant healthy.

For your IRRIGATION system, it may not be that simple.  Luckily on most residential systems a full blown audit is not necessary.  Typically repairs, sometimes large ones, will get the system compliant and able to distribute water evenly and efficiently.

The 3 main Principles to  Healthy Turf:

Note: the below principles are for our most common grass locally, St. Augustine.  Slight variations, especially mowing occur for different turf management.

  • Soil; a good Organic Fertilization Program (it's really called, Soil Feeding or Feeding the Soil) will keep your soil alive and healthy.
  • Water; a well designed irrigation system complete with a well thought out and proper watering schedule. That takes into account the "micro-climates"
  • Mowing; a sharp, mulching blade that cuts the grass 3" tall is key.

This is a great diagram that shows the times of the season when grass is generally growing and when it's dormant.  We've said for years that our general rule of thumb to apply a good organic fertilizer is April and October.  This is only a general rule.  Mother Nature dictates this by her weather and temperatures.  A farmer years ago told me that the best indicator to fertilize is your second cut.  As you are establishing your organic program, realize that your second cut of your GRASS might be the third or fourth time you mow in the spring.

Mowing your St. Augustine grass three inches high, deep root watering and a good consistent organic fertilization program (Soil Feeding) will achieve the above diagram and make your turf more disease resistant while using less water.

turf care - irrigation and lawn audits

As we've said else where, a healthy turf starts with healthy soil.  The soil is the foundation for your entire landscape, especially your turf.  Your grass is walked on and played on often.  A good turf management program will allow you to use your turf and still bask in its beauty.

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